Introducing our Featured Vendor Program

Introducing our Featured Vendor Program

Featured Vendor Program

This market season we are going to focus on the work of one of our amazing vendors every week in our newsletter. Our new program will give you a chance to learn more about the farmers, farms, and businesses you love at our markets, as well as access exclusive discounts!

Week 1 (May 24 to June 1): Mycoterra Farm

Mycoterra Farm will be the first farm promoted through our new Featured Vendor Program.Mycoterra grows specialty and medicinal mushrooms right here in Massachusetts. This beloved farm produces a line of soaps, tinctures, dried mushrooms, and balms as well as mushroom growing kits and spawns so that you can start a mini-mushroom farm right in your home!

From the farmer: 

“I was unable to find fulfilling employment or quality mushrooms so I started the farm in a closet in my basement in Westhampton. I had worked for Fungi Perfecti in Washington among other farms. While I felt very comfortable with traditional crop farming, I began growing mushrooms because there was clearly a local niche to grow into. ” – Julia Coffey, Co-Founder and Owner of Mycoterra Farm