What We Do?

Three Managed Markets Training & Support Programs
Copley Square Market, Boston May – Nov. Tue. & Fri. 11am – 6pm
Central Square Market, Cambridge May – Nov Mondays noon – 6pm
Davis Square Market, Somerville May – Nov. Wednesdays Noon – 6pm
  • The go-to organization for support of current and future farmers markets
  • The go-to organization for manager training
  • Over 35 years of work and data to help implement and sustain farmers markets
  • Manage the coupon redemption process for the state’s WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Programs
  • Provide educational opportunities at farmers markets to increase understanding of and exposure to local fruits, vegetables, and foods
  • Work to improve outreach to increase SNAP shoppers at farmers markets
  • Collaborate with partners to educate about the health benefits of farmers markets