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As a Massachusetts resident you have the opportunity every day to choose to shop at a grocery store or head over to one of your local farmers markets. You pick your farmers market because it offers the freshest local produce, responsibly raised meats, and a collection of artisan products from some of Massachusetts’ best local farms. Going to your farmers market not only supports your local economy, but also provides you and your family with healthy and nutritious food at a reasonable price.


Now, for a second imagine that the option to shop at your farmers market was unavailable, and despite your good intentions to shop locally and to know where your food comes from, that your options are taken away because you receive Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits.

This is a reality for one in seven Massachusetts residents who receive SNAP (food stamps), because not all 300+ farmers markets are equipped to process SNAP. Help Mass Farmers Markets increase SNAP processing at Massachusetts farmers markets by making a gift today!