Apply for an award to support SNAP- and HIP-related activities at your farmers market!

The Farmers Market SNAP Support Grant (FMSSG) funds awards that help support a variety of activities relating to SNAP and HIP outreach and participation at farmers markets.

The FMSSG funding is intended to increase the number of farmers markets accepting SNAP sales, increase access to local agricultural products for SNAP shoppers, develop strategies to operate SNAP/EBT programs in
the future, and to help managers integrate Massachusetts’s Food Insecurity Nutrition Incentive (FINI) grant program (i.e., Healthy Incentives Program (HIP)) into the market.

Eligible Funding Uses

  • Labor Costs: hire a SNAP Coordinator, or compensate existing staff, for time spent on SNAP activities including: operating EBT equipment at market, training vendors and staff, completing SNAP accounting and reporting tasks, etc.
  • Equipment/Supplies (other than POS devices): purchasing necessary scrip, wifi hotspots, accounting and/or database software, receipt books, etc.
  • Outreach Activities: paid time for staff to create and distribute outreach and educational materials to SNAP participants, attend meetings and webinars, speaking engagements, tabling at events, hosting events, etc.
  • Translation services: translation of HIP and SNAP outreach materials, hiring translators for farmers markets

Uses that are NOT eligible include:

  • General overhead costs of running a farmers market
  • Equipment and supplies not used exclusively for SNAP program operations
  • Activities not directly related to operating a SNAP program at farmers markets
  • Activities benefiting only one agricultural producer or individual
  • Activities that depend upon a critical component not in place at the time of application submission.
Please note that the funding for this grant ends in September of 2018.
If you have questions or would like to apply for an award for your market, please contact Caroline.