What is the Healthy Incentives Program?

The new Healthy Incentives Program (HIP) is implemented by the Departments of Transitional Assistance, Agricultural Resources, and Public Health. HIP is a statewide program that provides a dollar for dollar match on local produce purchases for SNAP (the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, formerly known as food stamps) clients at participating farmers’ markets, farm stands, community supported agriculture (CSA’s) and mobile markets. The three overall goals of the HIP initiative include: reduce barriers for participation in the new benefit for both SNAP clients and retailers, increase the availability of locally grown fruits and vegetables for SNAP clients, and make it easier for SNAP retailers to process both SNAP and the new HIP benefit. MFM has implemented HIP at all of our markets and we provide support to farmers and market managers in the region.

If you use the Healthy Incentives Program, we need your feedback! If you are a SNAP recipient who has not used HIP, we would also value your feedback. Please fill out our HIP survey:

HIP Survey in English

HIP Survey in Chinese (HIP客户调查,2018年)

For customers using HIP:

How does this work? To earn the HIP benefit you should make a purchase of fruits and vegetables at a HIP authorized farmer/vendor. The purchase amount will be automatically added back to your SNAP account up to your monthly limit. The receipt from the transaction will show you how much HIP incentive you have earned.

What items are HIP eligible? Fresh whole fruits and vegetables, starts for food plants, and canned/frozen/dried without added salts, fats, and sugars

What is the difference between HIP and SNAP? HIP is a Massachusetts program where local produce are eligible. SNAP benefits can be used to purchase produce as well as other food items like eggs, dairy, and bread.

More Resources:

  • Click here for HIP-related resources for market managers.
  • For detailed instructions for HIP vendor applicants and advice for market managers click here.
  • For more information on the HIP program click here.

HIP information flyers

HIP flyer in English

HIP flyer in Spanish

HIP flyer in Russian

2018 Winter Farmers Markets

You can also contact Becca, our HIP Coordinator, for support!
** Farmers and farmers’ market vendors can reach out to Becca if they are interested in becoming an authorized SNAP retailer. Please note that DTA is not authorizing new HIP retailers at this time.